Mitochondrial Haplogroup F

Mitochondrial haplogroup F is thought to have diverged from haplogroup R around 50,000 years ago in Central Asia. It has since spread throughout East and South East Asia, its distribution spreading as far north as Siberia and as far south as the Malay Archipelago, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and some of coastal New Guinea. Haplogroup F is particularly frequent among Southeast Asians.




  • F1
    • F1a: found in South East Asia in particular, but has also been detected in Siberia
    • F1b: found in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan,
    • F1c: found in China, Japan, Tibet
    • F1d: found in China, Japan
    • F1e: found in China, Japan
    • F1f
    • F1g: found in China, Tibet
  • F2: found in China, Japan
    • F2a
    • F2b
    • F2c
    • F2d
    • F2e
    • F2f
    • F2g
  • F3: common among the Austronesian-speaking people of Island South East Asia, but also found in mainland China, particularly in the south west.
    • F3a
    • F3b
  • F4: found in Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and Uzbekistan
    • F4a
    • F4b