Mitochondrial Haplogroup R2'JT or pre JT

Haplogroup R2’JT or pre-JT

This is an ancient lineage dating to some 50-60,000 years ago probably originated in Southwest Asia or the Near East. It is characterised by genetic marker at position 4216. Pre-JT has two direct descendent lineages; Haplogroup JT and Haplogroup R2.

R2: Found mainly in Balochistan (Pakistan).

(150, 303+1C): In Iran, Georgia and Turkey,

JT: It was extremely common among ancient Etruscans.

J: The highest frequency is in the Near East (12%), 21% in Saudi Arabia. J declines towards Europe  at 11%, Caucasus 8%, North Africa 6% and becomes practically missing in East Asia.

T: The highest frequency is in the Caspian region (Caucasus, Northern Iran and Turkenistan) It is important in Europe (almost 10%), Middle East, Central Asia, Pakistan and North Africa. Small frequency in the Horn of Africa and India.