Y-Chromosome Haplogroup C

This lineage is largely found in Oceania—the region encompassing Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, New Guinea, most of the Pacific Islands and several of the Indonesian islands. Around 60 percent of Australian aboriginal men trace their ancestry to this lineage (C4), along with about 10 percent of Malaysian men and 15 percent of New Guinean men. Subclade C2a is found at reasonably high frequency among Polynesian men. Descendants can also be found in northeast Asia—particularly in Mongolia and eastern Siberia—and North America (C3). The marker is rarely found in Europe, and 5 percent or less of the men in India are descended from this lineage. The haplogroup is thought to have evolved around 60,000 years ago, possibly in South Asia.




  • C1
  • C2: A frequently occurring branch of haplogroup C found in Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is believed to have originated between 7100 and 16700 years ago.